The List: Five easy, last-minute Halloween golf costumes

Golf offers several simply fun options.

Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year.

It's almost by default. Nobody buys me Christmas presents anymore. New Year's Eve, I'm in bed by 11 p.m. Every Thanksgiving is ruined by rooting for the Lions. Birthdays turn downright tedious once you hit 21. But Halloween is something even an old fogy like me can enjoy.

I try to be creative with a new costume every couple of years. Lately, I've gone from one extreme to another - a religious, robe-wearing monk to a heavily tattooed biker who looks like an escapee from Alcatraz. My zombie costume of blood-spattered scrubs was pretty sick (pardon the pun), too.

Need a costume for this year's office Halloween party? Or a way to embarrass your kids during the neighborhood trick-or-treat? Why not turn to golf? Here are five easy, last-minute golf outfits to wear:

  1. Golf zombie
    Beware the golf-ball zombies.

    You can never go wrong with becoming a zombie or vampire. They're always in style.

    Turns out, the golf ball to the head is an simple trick that's been around a few years. Simply cut a golf ball in half, glue it to your temple and splatter fake blood to make it look good. You'll be the life ... er, I mean, undead ... of the party.

    What golf-themed costume have you worn on Halloween in the past? Let us know in the comments below.

  2. Masters winner
    Golf Advisor's Jason Scott Deegan celebrates winning his sequin green jacket, a la The Masters, in Las Vegas.

    I might be a bit biased, but I think my sequin green jacket is WAY cooler than the iconic green jacket given to Masters winners. Mine works great for St. Patrick's Day AND Halloween. I've worn it celebrating both. And, no, I didn't steal it from Liberace. I won it at in Las Vegas golf media event called the Writer's Cup, the only semi-respectable athletic achievement in my life.

    I'm sure you can scrounge up a green jacket of some sort at any local thrift store for Halloween. You can glam it up like mine - bedazzle? buttons? - or go with straight golf attire. Whatever you do, embrace the look with confidence. You're a millionaire champion who just joined the most exclusive club in golf, remember?

  3. A pumpkin-colored Rickie Fowler
    Rickie Fowler hits an iron during the final round of The Tour Championship at East Lake Golf Club in 2014.

    One visit to the Cobra-Puma website will have you looking like Rickie Fowler in no time. To go full Rickie, make sure to get everything in pumpkin orange - the shoes, the belt, the pants, the shirt, the hat. A fake mustache will bring back memories of Rickie's prime ... if that ever even happened.

  4. The colorful John Daly
    John Daly shows off another colorful Loudmouth outfit during the 2019 PGA TOUR Champions Bridgestone SENIOR PLAYERS Championship at Firestone Country Club.

    Dressing up as John Daly is easy. Just grab a cigarette and a beer can (or a diet Coke to stay PG) and throw on the most obnoxious outfit you can find from Loudmouth Golf, one of the rare sponsors to stick with Daly through thick and thin over the years.

  5. Golf Knickers, Payne Stewart-style
    Payne Stewart won the 1999 U.S. Open at Pinehurst No. 2 before his tragic death.

    Golf knickers are the best way to get a chuckle out of your non-golf friends. Not many people can pull off the look of Plus Fours (named because the pants extend four inches below the knee). The obvious exception is Payne Stewart, of course.

    You could also go the Scottish kilt route, too. Just pray the wind doesn't blow or an ill-conceived dance move doesn't reveal too much about your heritage.

Jason Scott Deegan has reviewed more than 1,000 courses and golf destinations for some of the industry's biggest publications. His work has been honored by the Golf Writer's Association of America and the Michigan Press Association. Follow him on Instagram at @jasondeegangolfadvisor and Twitter at @WorldGolfer.
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I went as Roy Mc Avoy and my wife dressed as Romeo the caddie.
I wore all the golf gimmicky equipment he had on in the trailer when he was fighting the shanks. Plus I added the fish hook on a string from my cap to my privates so you dont look up. My caddie had the vest with Mc Avoy on the back , Romeo on the front, she carried a bag of golf balls and a rubber ducky.....

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Sounds fun ... Send us the pics!

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love the ideas especially Payne Stewarts plus 4s.

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