TaylorMade Golf releases new irons and game-changing, club-fitting technology

We examine TaylorMade's new toys, plus some last-minute Christmas gift ideas, in our December GolfPass Gear Report.
The TaylorMade SelectFit Kit will streamline club-fitting.

TaylorMade has introduced a game-changing technology, and I'm not talking about something you'll take to the course.

Yes, TaylorMade recently introduced updated irons - the P·770, P·7MC and P·7MB series - and no doubt they'll be loved by many players who make a purchase. But I'm more intrigued by the revolution taking place in the club-fitting space.

TaylorMade has debuted its SelectFit Kit, which has adjustment sleeves that give fitters the ability to fit a golfer from three degrees upright to three degrees flat and two degrees strong to two degrees weak on the same head. I recently experienced my first TaylorMade club-fitting in years, which helped me realize just how much this new technology will streamline a session.

Every time I tested poorly with a specific clubhead, Freddy Villarta, an Experiential Rep and San Francisco/Monterey Manager with TaylorMade, had to walk back to the tent on the range at the TaylorMade Performance Center at the Pebble Beach Golf Academy, grab a new head, use a tool to take the old one off and put the new one on. These delays - although minor - are no longer an issue with the SelectFit heads. A simple readjustment of the head with a wrench won't take nearly as long. From the clubfitter's point of view, Villarta will no longer have to carry such a wide variety of heads.

"In previous years, we would not have all those options as it was not cost or weight effective," he noted. "What we can now do with 20 heads (right-handed and left-handed combined) through 5 models (Stealth, plus the four most recent series of irons) would typically require 100 iron fitting heads." 

Ultimately, this leads to a better fitting. I can't recommend one enough. You're cheating yourself if you haven't done it yet.

TaylorMade's New Irons

The new TaylorMade P·770, P·7MC & P·7MB irons will be available at retail shops in mid-January.

As for the new irons mentioned above, the P·770s include the SpeedFoam Air technology introduced last year in the P·790s that dampens sound at impact. By shifting weight and the size of the head, TaylorMade says the longer irons will feature better launching capability and playability, while the scoring clubs have optimized trajectory and spin. The P·7MC and P·7MB irons are precisely built for better players. Remember that GolfPass members can use their $40 TaylorMade gift code for anything from balls to clubs and more. Cost: $1,299 (steel) and $1,499 (graphite). 

Last-minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Louis Lloyd

Louis Lloyd is a new golf clothing and accessories company founded by former college golfers from Georgia.

What we love about this up-and-coming brand is its variety of products, all of them really good and at affordable pricing. The Atlanta-based Louis Lloyd was formed in March by a group of college golf teammates and friends from Georgia State University and Georgia Tech. Its tagline "Classic Style, Casual Vibes" comes through in a number of premium products - Cabretta Leather golf gloves; striped polos in blue, back or red; mesh-backed or traditional hats and leather and knitted headcovers and pouches. Coming soon are quarter-zips, belts, sweatshirts, beanies and vests. There's something for every price range and every golfer. Cost: $17-$69.

Omada Trilite Push Cart

The Omada Trilite Push Cart is light and folds easily for transportation and storage.

The Omada Trilite Push Cart is a new entry into the market from 2021. This sturdy three-wheeled push cart comes in black, gray or white. It's extremely light (14 pounds) for a product made of aircraft-grade aluminum. The storage pocket under the scorecard holder is deep enough to carry your phone, rangefinder, extra balls, snacks and more. The Trilite folds up and stores easily. Perhaps, best of all, there's no assembly required. It's ready to go right out of the box. Keep an eye on this company as it's getting ready to launch a slew of new products next year. Cost: $289.

Swing Control

Swing Control offers fashions for men and women.

The Montreal-based Swing Control is best known for its line of women's golf fashions, but its men's line is growing with pants, shorts and polos. The men's shorts are soft, yet durable, coming in multiple color shades. The women's fashions include skorts, shorts, dresses, tops and more. The styles and colors range from the conservative look of solid colors to the snazziness of 'graffiti pants' and 'script skorts'. Cost: $115-$138

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TaylorMade Golf releases new irons and game-changing, club-fitting technology