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Gaylord is situated at the center of the northern Lower Peninsula, putting the city in the heart of northern Michigan and its scenic beauty. The area's shimmering lakes and flowing rivers were sculpted by glaciers millions of years ago and are now surrounded by beautiful, mature forests and lush valleys.

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  • Gaylord, Michigan
    The Otsego Club, which started out as Michigan's first private ski club, is made up of four different lodges, totaling 68 rooms, and chalets. The Bavarian-themed resort offers 36 holes at The Classic and The Tribute, designed by Rick Robbins and Gary Koch. At the heart of the resort is the award-winning Duck Blind Grille, which overlooks the…
  • Gaylord, Michigan
    With 81 holes, Treetops Resort in Gaylord is one of the world's largest resorts and one of the Midwest's finest getaways. Treetops offers 226 guest rooms and suites among five separate locations on property. There's also a spa and 25,000 square feet of meeting space. The six different dining options range from buffets to casual dining serving 17…
  • Gaylord, Michigan
    The Loon Golf Resort has grown to include a second location in Gaylord: The Ridge, formerly the Marsh Ridge Golf Resort. The Loon offers a townhome village with four-bedroom/four-bathroom units with full kitchens just steps from the clubhouse restaurant and the course. The Ridge is more versatile with hotel-style rooms, suites and free-standing…
  • Gaylord, Michigan
    Pine Cone Vacations is a series of rental homes, condos and chalets spread through the Michaywe community. Guests will have access to the community's outdoor pools and the restaurants Inn The Woods at the golf clubhouse. Michaywe Pines offers a classic layout that's fun to play for all ages and skill levels. It's much flatter than most of…

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