Golfers' Choice 2023: 10 hidden golf gems of Wales

Wales is full of hidden gems, especially the courses ranked by our community of reviewers.
A view from a tee at Tenby Golf Club

It's hard to believe it's been more than a decade since Wales hosted its Ryder Cup. Its golf scene deserves more attention than just once every 10 years or more.

We have used a “Weighted Overall” score to select the top 10 hidden gems in Wales. The annual Golfers' Choice lists are compiled by analyzing the ratings and reviews submitted by members of our community throughout the year. Courses must offer public access and have received at least two reviews in 2022 and 5 all-time to be eligible for this year's list.

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  1. Pembrokeshire

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Golfers' Choice 2023: 10 hidden golf gems of Wales