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The golf mecca of Pinehurst/Aberdeen/Southern Pines touts itself as the "Home of American Golf." More than 40 courses call the heart of North Carolina's Sandhills home. Golf courses line Midland Road heading into the historic village of Pinehurst. Donald Ross, the legendary Scot who made his home here, left a lasting legacy by designing Pinehurst No. 2; Pine Needles and Mid Pines, among others.

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  • Pinehurst, North Carolina
    Set in the North Carolina Sandhills, Pinehurst Resort is one of the country's most historic golf getaways, founded by William J. Tufts in 1895. Originally conceived as a wellness retreat for northern city dwellers, it soon became a golf hotbed after guests were spotted hitting balls with sticks on a lawn. Tufts hired Scotsman Donald Ross shortly…

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