Top 10 U.S. Military Golf Courses - Golfers' Choice 2024

These proud golf facilities served our armed forces and civilians alike in 2023.
The "Tiger Tree" on the 6th at the Destroyer Course is a reminder of the legend's formative years bombing drives down the fairways.

You might have never considered playing a golf course on a military base.

I'm here to report that everyone should give it a try at least once. Sure, there are some obstacles. You need to make sure you've followed all the proper protocols to get on base, and it sometimes isn't easy navigating narrow, unfamiliar roads among all those buildings to find the course.

Discovering a new golf playground, though, always feels like a new adventure. Playing a local course that is often overlooked by civilians doubles the fun. Tiger Woods grew up playing military golf courses. Enough said.

We dug through the more than 280,000 reviews submitted to GolfPass in 2023 to find the 10 best military courses in the United States. Only courses with 10 or more reviews were considered:

  1. Trails West Golf Course
    Fort Leavenworth, Kansas

    Green fee: $30-$48
    What they're saying: "I have played this course several times and the staff, course, price and facility is always excellent and top shelf. I intend to play it more because it's the best closest to my house. BIG THUMBS UP." - boldbear

  2. Randolph Oaks Golf Course
    Randolph AFB, Texas

    What they're saying: "It’s a great course and it’s well maintained! It was a “holiday” for the base so the course was packed. Part of the success of the course is the draw for more people, so it’s busy. That won’t stop me from coming back again, though. The layout is wonderful and a good track to play, especially for the price." - ChiefSpeedy

  3. West Point Golf Course
    West Point, New York

    Green fee: $28-$73
    What they're saying: "This was a challenging course that was fun to play. The course has some very interesting holes with some uphill and some down hill. I had heard it was very difficult, but found it to be a great play." - egetto109

    Military golf can be fun if you follow the proper protocols to get on the base securely.

  4. Cheyenne Shadows Golf Course At Fort Carson
    Fort Carson, Colorado

    What they're saying: "Hard to get on because it’s on a military base but it’s absolutely gorgeous! It was so green and beautiful with the mountains surrounding it. It was like playing on a course off a video game!" - deucemac

  5. Seal Beach Navy Golf Course - Destroyer

    Green fee: $41-$61
    What they're saying: "Tough to beat this place on a value basis. The course is always in good condition, and it is a challenge for me (bogey golfer) from the white tees. The greens are pretty quick with plenty of break. Generous fairways on most holes. Water and sand are well placed. I always enjoy playing here." - mdmmiller1950

  6. Whispering Firs Golf Course
    McChord AFB, Washington

    Green fee: $22-$40
    What they're saying: "We loved playing this course and would absolutely play it again." - pfsdani67

  7. Trident Lakes Golf Club
    Naval Submarine Base, Georgia

    What they're saying: "Great staff and the grounds are well kept and nice. For the price I was well pleased. We were traveling thru the area for the winter. I needed to golf and randomly found Trident Lakes. Glad I did and would return. Thank you Trident Lakes GC, GA!" - jtlittle4th

  8. Sewells Point Golf Course
    Norfolk, Virginia

    Green fee: $31-$52
    What they're saying: "This is the first time I have played this course. Loved the course. It’s in great shape and well worth the price. I will definitely (be) playing the course (again)." - kidsmeme

  9. Cypress Lakes Golf Course
    Vacaville, California

    Green fee: $24-$33
    What they're saying: "Great course to hone one's game for amateurs like me. The layout poses obstacles to employ all the clubs in the bag. From the tee: driver at the par 5s (to) wide fairways, 3 wood at several dogleg holes, precise iron play at well-bunkered greens, and a par 3 that requires hitting over water." - Fairfieldhacker

  10. Moffett Field Golf Club
    Sunnyvale, California

    Green fee: $32-$75
    What they're saying: "(The) Moffett course is a deceiving layout. It looks basic, and forgiving, until you appreciate its long par 3s, challenging bunkers and several doglegs. Playing at Moffett reminds me of Maze game, since it requires some course layout familiarization." - ghavenido

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