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Houston is one of America's largest cities and also has the country's most diverse population. These days, the oil & gas hotbed sprawls well beyond the I-610 loop, heading into far flung suburbs like Katy to the west and The Woodlands to the north. The metro area has just over 80 golf courses, and a higher percentage of them are private compared to other metros in the Texas Triangle. The city has also suffered a reduction in golf course facilities in the previous decade due in part to several major hurricanes and flooding events. These private clubs include historic River Oaks and the more modern Whispering Pines. Tiger Woods' first U.S.-based golf course, Bluejack National is also in the market, about an hour north in Montgomery. Champions Golf Club, founded by Jackie Burke Jr., is considered one of the most reputable clubs and has hosted the U.S. Open and U.S. Women's Open and a Ryder Cup among other prestigious tournaments. Golf legend Jimmy Demeret is also from Houston and many others have called the city home during their playing career thanks to its plethora of private clubs, warm climate and easy airport access.

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