Golfers' Choice 2021: Best golf courses in Kentucky

Best public golf courses in the state based on our community of reviewers.
General Burnside is one of numerous standout state park courses in Kentucky.

The annual Golfers' Choice lists compiled by the Golf Advisor community are compiled by analyzing the ratings and reviews submitted by members of the review community throughout the year. We use Golf Advisor's Ratings Index logic that weights newer reviews and combine it with a course's weighted subcategory averages.

Reviews from trusted and active reviewers are weighted heavier than inactive members. Courses must offer public access and have received at least one review in 2020 to be eligible for this year's list.

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Kentucky golf courses reviewed in 2020: 102
Reviews of Kentucky golf courses in 2020: 1,298

Best public Kentucky golf courses

  1. Shepherdsville

  2. Prestonsburg

  3. Nicholasville

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Golfers' Choice 2021: Best golf courses in Kentucky