Golfers' Choice 2023: Top 25 Golf Courses in Mexico

These premier courses await sun seekers south of the border.
Shots on the ground can run into the par-3 third green at Solmar Golf Links.

Golf in Mexico features some of the best resort courses in North America, especially in tourist destinations such as Cabo in the West and Cancun to the East.

The annual Golfers' Choice lists are compiled by analyzing the ratings and reviews submitted by members of the GolfPass review community throughout the year. We use our Ratings Index logic that weights newer reviews and combine it with a course's subcategory averages.

Courses must offer public access and have received at least two reviews in 2022 to be eligible for this year's list.

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  1. Baja California Sur

  2. Baja California Sur

    View of the 7th hole at TPC Danzante Bay.

  3. Baja California Sur

  4. Baja California

  5. Baja California

  6. Quintana Roo

    The Riviera Maya south of Cancun is loaded with great golf, including the Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort.

  7. Los Cabos

    The par-3 seventh hole at the Quivira Golf Club plays to oceanfront green cut from a mountainside.

  8. Baja California

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The author of this list has obviously not travelled to other cities or played golf throughout Mexico

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Golfers' Choice 2023: Top 25 Golf Courses in Mexico