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The Dominican Republic makes a very strong case for the best golf country in the Caribbean. When Pete Dye was commissioned to build the Teeth of the Dog at Casa De Campo in 1971, it created one of the most sought-after warm-weather destination courses in the world. The impact this course had on both the resort and country's tourism was profound. Today, the Dominican Republic, which makes up the eastern half of the island of Hispaniola (shared with Haiti) has exceptional seaside golf courses. Not long after Casa De Campo emerged with four golf courses, the Punta Cana resort development emerged with scores of beachfront resorts (all-inclusive and a la carte) and an excellent golf offering of its own. The headlining course is Corales, designed by Tom Fazio and host of the PGA Tour. Just north, Punta Espada, a Jack Nicklaus design, is one of his finest works as well.

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