Golfers' Choice 2023: Top 25 Most Improved Courses

Everybody loves a good comeback story, especially when it involves their favorite golf course.

The afterglow of the pandemic golf boom continues to benefit the game.

Golf courses that haven't been updated in years have finally reinvested back into the product.

The following 25 courses earned higher ratings in 2022 than they did in 2021. Course comebacks generally involve one of three factors: new ownership and/or management, a renovation or sometimes better weather, which can really help conditions. Whatever the case, we love seeing signs of upgrades.

If you play a course in your hometown that has improved significantly over the years, be sure to share that with your fellow golfers. Write a review.

  1. Sebring, Fla.
    What they're saying: "The course is looking great and the work that has been done really shows. It has become my favorite local course. The staff are amazing as always!" - KDCHYC

  2. Fountain Hills, Ariz.
    What they're saying: "The course is great, green everywhere, layout was good, views were fantastic, greens were challenging. Water on every other hole which was great because it was hot and humid when we played." - bigpapa45

  3. Richton Park, Ill.
    What they're saying: "So glad to see this course make improvements in its groundskeeping. The fairways were nice and the rough was manageable. Glad to see such a beautiful course return to some dignity. Keep up the good work." - Kemetic1

  4. Saint Matthews, S.C.
    What they're saying: "It was nice to see this course back in shape and looking good. Tee boxes, fairways and greens were all nice. Bunkers could of used some raking or fluffing up. Love the new carts with the GPS. Worth the trip to check it out again. Great value. - George7528068

  5. Calumet City, Ill.
    What they're saying: "Course is coming back strong! Great great people working here!" - Bidenguy

  6. Wampum, Penn.
    What they're saying: "I have played this course for 30 plus years. It has a great layout, some tough holes some easy holes. You can't find nicer people, the young man at the counter was so polite, it was so refreshing. The fairways were clean and the greens were fast and smooth. The rates are very fair. Do yourself a favor and play this course!" - u314162654263

  7. Wolfe City, Texas
    What they're saying: "This place is definitely one of the better hidden gems in north east Texas. Layout is challenging and conditions continue to get better weekly. Staff is very friendly." - brent958

  8. Rochester, Minn.
    What they're saying: "Course is in the best condition ever. Lots of work to remove wet areas on the back nine is starting to pay off. Removal of a couple of trees made the round even more enjoyable. Hats off to the greens-keeper and crew. Greens were some of the best that I have seen lately." - davidsenst4211

  9. Plymouth, Ind.
    What they're saying: "The staff at Woodbury does a really good job to keep the course in excellent condition." - u314159442530

  10. Tustin, Calif.
    What they're saying: "I'm happy to report that conditions have improved dramatically." - xraytedjim

  11. Ferris, Texas
    What they're saying: "Not sure who the superintendent is, but Kudos to him. I have played a lot of golf this year and this is the best condition daily fee course in the Dallas area." - u314163006513

  12. Oracle, Ariz.
    What they're saying: "Very impressive with all the course improvements. I hope they get another course going soon because this place is growing fast." - greg1027

  13. Hamburg, N.J.
    What they're saying: "Fun. Fun. Fun!!! It always makes me feel calm and exciting as well. Nice layout with some challenges with the beautiful (scenery). Loved playing the course!!" - wsk7777

  14. Glenwood, Ark.
    What they're saying: "I don’t think I’ve ever seen Glenwood as good as it is right now. I’m definitely gonna have to start playing up there more often. Tee boxes, fairways, greens...all spectacular." - TMILLER020717

  15. Dade City, Fla
    What they're saying: "Enjoyed playing the course. You can see they are putting money back into improving the course." -Urbshott

  16. Cahokia, Ill.
    What they're saying: "Wow. Course is much improved since summer 2021. New management is working hard on making this place better by the week. Greens are now as good as most top courses around." - u314161660942

  17. Warwick, R.I.
    What they're saying: "From horrible conditions a year and half ago to close to championship conditions now. Great turn around!!!" - u314160795765

  18. Darien, Ill.
    What they're saying: "I wish I played this course for the last 10 years. It is in great shape!" - Thunderwolf93

  19. Pekin, Ill.
    What they're saying: "Great condition and friendly staff. Will play again the next time in that area." - saved2001

  20. Mercedes, Texas
    What they're saying: "Staff is always very friendly and the course is in fair shape, It is a good course for all level of players." - SELKENG

  21. Irvine, Calif.
    What they're saying: "Course condition has improved greatly since playing last year! Good challenge for a mid-length course." - u246701165

  22. Cannon Falls, Minn.
    What they're saying: "Fun course, nice people. It's got some tricky holes that if you have not played it before will be a challenge. I will for sure come back." - u000006748335

  23. Glendale, Ariz.
    What they're saying: "First time playing the course in over 3 years. Overall condition of course and amenities are 1000x improved. Incredible value for valley." - Robertpad63

  24. Pensacola, Fla
    What they're saying: "We're snowbirds and when we golfed here earlier this year, the course needed some improvements. We were pleasantly surprised that the course was in great shape." - honeydu

  25. Tucson, Ariz.
    What they're saying: "Course is in better condition than I’ve seen in years. Thanks for better maintenance!" - bobriendl

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I haven't played Eagle Mtn in a few years, but it was pretty spectacular at that time. Had it gone downhill? If it's in the "improved" list, it must really be something now.

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Marv, Eagle Mountain had some significant renovations done around 2020/2021. I visited in late 2021 and enjoyed it very much. I had not played it before but my sense was that many people find it to be more enjoyable than it used to be.

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I live at SaddleBrooke Ranch in Arizona and our golf course is spectacular. New greens and a new superintendent a little over a year ago made all the difference.

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Very nice but I live in the UK

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Golfers' Choice 2023: Top 25 Most Improved Courses